Update Events, June – December 2011

Aceh cultural events, June – December 2011:

  • Banda Aceh Festival
  • Festival Kupi
  • Putroe Phang Art and MUsic Week-end Show

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https://wetwettour.wordpress.com/events/ or



The Wet-Wet Tour Agency

About Us

An Aceh based tour Agency. Providing tour related services for Aceh. Our Priority is to introduce Aceh to the World by delivering the widest range of travel products from ordinary sightseeing to various adventures. In the hopes of enabling each of our clients to achieve a dream of their own. Our tours are arranged upon your special interests of destination, duration and trip size with the most reasonable price, please contact us and we will be happy to work out an exclusive program for you.

We offer cultural and natural journeys, adventure trips and special tours for not only who wants to see and enjoy Aceh fascinating nature but also who wants to be a part of Aceh amazing culture. There is no age and interest limitation, you “our dear guests” should choose your trip and tell us how your “dream holiday” should be and then you can rely on Wet-Wet Tour Agency.

Any tours and expeditions with “Wet-Wet Tour” will leave you with never ending happy memories.

We will do our best for your unforgettable trip in Aceh !

The Wet-Wet Philosophy

The word “wet wet” is taken from Acehnese language. It means “keliling-keliling” in Bahasa Indonesia or “going around” in English.

The Wet-Wet Tour Agency is founded by a group of friends who share the same hobby and interest, initiated by two members of the group.We are empowering the local youth and resources in providing the tour service.

Contact Us:

Email: wetwet.tour@gmail.com